Monday, 2 August 2010

A Few Pics Of Princess Road

I can really see the attraction people have with working here. There seems a
nice buzz about the place. Here is a few pictures I tool yesterday thought I
would get them out the way before the manic week starts. I'm back at Ashton
on Friday and Saturday for my overtime days before 2 days off. I'm not in
until 930today which is annoying because I wanted to see the Monday morning
rush at Woodlands as everyone came off the tram. There is supposed to be a 3
minute service at peak today which means 16 buses running this route at busy
times. I will be doing the evening service however when people are fed up
tired and just want to go home so I have that to look forward too. I'm sure
my electric smile will heal there misery lol Yeah right!!!

Interestingly, I thought this week I would have a sit back and not worry
about what ticket people have when they got on. WRONG..On Saturday I
realised people were treating it like a free Woodlands Road to Piccadilly
bus service and just walking on without paying. Since then I have turned
away about 50 people and even snatched my first expired college pass which I
wasn't expecting this week. Good old pass watch, May it continue...


  1. Interesting pics there. I always find the layout and arrangement of the buses in the depots really interesting. Whenever I'm at Daw Bank in Stockport I always try to sneak a look inside.

  2. Ahhhh Princess Road, great depot. Good pictures.

  3. Anonymous6/8/10 11:20

    What are the main services Princess Road do?

    Do they do all the buses down to East Didsbury like the 42, 43, 142 , 143 etc and the ones to the Trafford Centre.

    I thought at one time they also did some of the 201s and 216s though?

  4. They also do all the 100 services to wythenshawe, airport,altrincham & hospital...101,104,105,106,109.Very busy depot.They dug the parkway up a few years ago outside the depot and you could see the old cobbled road and the tram tracks leading into the depot. Be sad to see it go