Tuesday, 24 August 2010


It's 4am. I'm just heading through ashton on my bike to work and have come across this. It looks like someone has been on a rampage through ashton overnight. The windows at the halifax have been put through and the flowers have bed ripped out of the pots in the town centre. I did stop a police car further down the road who told me they arrested the idiot involved but at about 3k a piece i doubt they will get the money for them windows back. Seemed nice when i left home but that soon turned into a monsoon as i headed down oldham road. I'm looking forward to the weekend and 3 days off at the end of an 18 day run of long days. There where times yesterday when i had really had enough. The new road was just a mess at tea time, made worse with manchester city fans all going to the match. Add to this having to tell people the fares have gone up whilst loading 70 people in piccadilly when they get on with the old right money for a change and it made a pretty poor day. I'm going to head out on my bike after work, the weather will dictate where i go later.


  1. do these morons think about what it costs people when smashing windows they think they can get away with it

    firstbus 62115 M 508 GRY was gutted in a fire started my some stupid person not thinking it costs a lot for a bus to buy

  2. I remember back in the early days of the original Ashton bus station, that an Asian guy was found unconcious early one morning, laid out on his back on the front flower bed, hands clasped, clutching some of the tulips that had been plucked from the garden.

  3. Perhaps it was someone unhappy at there overdraft charges lol.