Monday, 16 August 2010

Head for heights

This is a job i wouldn't fancy doing. These guys have been painting the flats in ashton for a week or so now. It's was interesting to see them come down very quickly when the thunder storm appeared on thursday or friday last week. On a 9-5 today so i cycled in coz the sun is finally back. I'm not sure what went wrong but the metrolink is off today between altrincham and piccadilly. I'm back at princess road tomorrow morning doing another day down there so must be a bad problem. I have been asked to go down for the week so will see what happens.


  1. Here's the reason..Metrolink closed Old Trafford to Altrincham until Thursday.

  2. Anonymous16/8/10 17:09

    Following a power supply problem (Metrolink speak for an inbound double tram with the power line dangling from stanchions and the pantograph exploded skywards - happened around 0730 and still insitu at 1630!) near Timperley Station. Stagecoach Manchester are supplying emergency Tram replacements service from Altrincham - Trafford Bar. A mixture of Magic buses and corporate E400s in use.
    Metrolink are saying the line is closed until at least Thursday. Might stretch things tonight with the first MUFC home game at Old Trafford and only a services from the city - and buses from Altrincham

  3. Some of the deckers in use have been brought back into use from Stagecoachs Storage Facility in Trafford Park while others today had come straight from operating normal services.

    In theory from what I can gather Stagecoach are trying to operate a 10 minute Bus Replacement service calling at all Stations from Old Trafford-Altrincham instead of operating straight down Chester Road/Washway Road like they've done in the past

  4. it will be different tomorrow i am sure. In the afternoon as staff were found the service was running to piccadilly. I think this will be the case tomorrow. We will see. But in theory you will need a 3 minutes service in peak to cover the patronage the tram carries. Ie 150 people at a time on a 6 minutes service. With this is mind knowing that the route to piccadilly is 1hour and 50 minutes round trip thats an awful lot of buses and staff to find. Princess road have worked miracles today even with it being a home match at old trafford too. I wish i could have gone down tonight but the other half had the car:( we will see what happens tomorrow.

  5. This is a job i wouldn't fancy doing.

    A job you'ed need the right kind of stomach for...(...feeling dizzy just thinking about it)