Saturday, 21 August 2010

Play time

If there i one good thing about this week, it's that i have found a new playground for me and my mountain bike. I will definatly be am covering more of south manchester i think. I'm just at brooklands station and this is the bridgewater canal. I think it runs to runcorn from castlefield. Can't wait to get a nice day off to see what it's like. Trams are running so just seeing how long we go before getting called in.


  1. Anonymous22/8/10 10:46

    Some nice places to stop off at - Cycle south from Manchester to Dunham Massey, have a cycle through the Deer Park, and cycle through to picturesque village of Lymm and Lymm Dam.

  2. Thanks. I never know it went that way i'll look forward to it more now.