Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Interesting week

I suppose working at ashton i have become somewhat relaxed in doing my job. The pace of work life is somewhat slower than working in the city all day long. Whilst i an enjoying doing this metrolink replacement, i find coming home with a headache isn't my cup of tea. The buzz of working in the city is brilliant and i love being busy and having to fight through traffic but i'll stick with the cruising through glossop and mossley with the odd trip on a 216 thrown in. I really don't know how more people don't get run over. Especially around the printworks area, the first drivers are brilliant in getting there buses around there all day and night without bumping into anything. Although we have managed it all week too may i add. Such a busy side of town which i have never worked until this week. And loved it. Had a few moaning people which is normal, but most have been pretty impressed with the service we have given. It's nice to recieve so many nice comments from people who have been put out somewhat. Anyway, this picture is the fire station near piccadilly station. A magnificent building with a great sunset behind it. I hope the picture comes out as good as it looked tonight. Back in at 10 tomorrow. Back at ashton friday and saturday before a couple of days off.

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  1. I know what you mean,and i'm definatley looking forward to the more sedate journeys! There can be quite a few distractions too,later in the evening,next month,when the students return en masse. As well as shedding there clothes,they lose all road sense,and adopt a lemming type mentality :-)