Thursday, 26 August 2010

Nearly the weekend.

I'm sat in stockport at the moment. It's been a terribly average week compared to the previous few. I have done 7 trips on a 7 this week and i'm getting a bit bored of them now. Oddly 5 of them have been in this bus. The other two on 28506. There was plans to shut the metrolink this sunday again but i think the pride weekend has made them change there mind. I'm off after tomorrow and not back in until tuesday. Really ready for the break to be honest. Lots going on in september if everything works out, will let you know. I heard there are strikes planned in liverpool soon but not sure why. I understand it's not about pay either but can't find anything on the net? I'm on my bike tomorrow and hoping for some nice weather so i can go try the bridgewater canal out to the deer park someone mentioned but it depends on the monsoons we have been having.


  1. I think the weather is slightly better over the next few days, sunshine and a stiff breeze.

  2. very cold tonight I think looks like they have been retaxing some of Ashtons firstbus double decks as i have not seen hardly any of them this week

    saw R506 YWC today of speedwell on the S48

  3. Is there really a chance the Metrolink is being halted again? or do you want more excitement from work lol.

    I like the picture... you can see the Maynes livery creaping under the Stagecoach livery hehe

  4. Mic, i saw the Vario on the S48 tonight as well, is one of the Enviro's poorly again.

    Its funny, when Stagecoach first took over Mayne's, the two single deck Scania's [in the pic] were deemed as 'non standard' and were thought to have been quickly sold on or cascaded, infact when Charles st closed these two were withdrawn from service for quite a while, yet two years later there still here lol.

  5. felix

    NKH was running last night not seen NKG this week as NKH was on same time every day

    but saying that last week MX 06 ABU was on S50

    I would love to seen stagecoach buses 15381/82 back in use

    got the fleet list from Paul Holland at stagecoach last week and the newer buses at Ashton it does not give only 22138 changed with 22159 is on I have not seen 15385 anywhere stored since 2009 anyone know where it is does not give depots on list

  6. Mic i think 15385 is at Charles st, in the yard at the rear. It was at Ashton for ages and then moved to Stockport.