Monday, 9 August 2010

Cycle to Liverpool

I deleted the Where am I post. The date messed up on it because I put the
wrong date in my mobile phone for some reason so when it uploaded it read
the date off the phone. Not to worry, Been over to Liverpool again today on
my mountain bike. This time I went up the East Lancs. road. Very nice cycle
path along side the road there. I think I will be definitely doing it
again. Week of late duties coming up after tomorrows 10 hour day and I am
back at Princess road doing the Altrincham cover on the Metrolink on a late
on Sunday. Nice week really.


  1. Looks like Gillmoss depot over on Merseyside.
    Ive often wondered why Stagecoach Merseyside use little minibus's for Taxi duties while Manchester prefers full size buses, but i suppose its so they can be interworked maybe.

  2. Ambulance man Dan9/8/10 19:27

    But did I guess where u was correctly before you deleted it?

  3. Yeah you did Dan. Spoilt my day lol. Just kidding

  4. Ambulance man Dan9/8/10 20:01


  5. Will have to bar you from this game if i cant even cycle to swinton to take a picture without it getting answered.

  6. I have to admit, that lego man is rather cool. I have caught a snap of pacman on a skip in edinburgh lol

  7. Ambulance man Dan10/8/10 23:04

    Should I be a real smart arse and point out that the lego man is on the A580 east lancs westbound just under the M61 junction!!

    Have that!!

  8. Still rather cool though lol