Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Early outing

Bus world is a bit boring today. Was up for staff taxis at 330am then as
there was nothing more for me after a school trip to Longendale over the
dreaded Broadbottom Bridge I finished early and headed out. I started
heading for Liverpool again but this time on a different route. I soon got
bored and though I'd go for a more in-depth exploration of Chorton and Sale
Water parks and the surrounding areas. I was looking at increases my average
speed today so didn't take too many pictures. But 51 miles in 4 hours later
I had done what I needed to do. I'm back in on a split tomorrow which is
good because I can head to the gym in-between to carry on the hard work. We
are having a works outing in Manchester on Saturday so I need to burn more
off to make it balance lol. Next week I'm off to Scotland for 3 days to work
for Stagecoach in Glasgow. We are providing extra buses for the Popes visit.
That should be interesting. I am sure I will be posting plenty whilst there.


  1. Nice one on getting selected for Scotland !
    Bless you my son !
    Will you please add me on facebook, I can't find you,but not sure how to spell your surname!

  2. is 22241 to be done up or sent for scrap

  3. It is in the process of being repaired.New front is on. Its ben a project of our resident body builder and should be on the road in a few weeks i think. I did take a new pic of it but was warned against posting it!!!

  4. Same here , i snapped a pic as soon as it came back , but have kept it to myself, i respect the rules !

  5. Is it back at Ashton or still at Hyde Road.

  6. Its inside the warehouse section at Ashton.

  7. Anonymous9/9/10 19:57

    saw 19004 on 231 in sunnyside rd last night about 9 00pm. also 19005 this morning on ashton new rd going to littlemoss on 231 are these norman ashton duties

  8. 231 in evening is. not sure if we have 19005 at the moment. although we do some 231s in the morning too yes.

  9. all the First Ashtons Volvo double decks have now gone and replaced by Arrows 31938 to 45 38 to 40 returning here

    got weekly news last Friday an dit said Stagecoach at Ashton is to get 22095/96 and 34081 with 22119/20 going to Stockport

  10. I hate 34081. With a passion

  11. also forgot to say from my week news that 16797 is to be repainted and moved to Ashton in October for the school service weather it happens remains to be seen