Saturday, 18 September 2010

Still here

Saturday mornings are nice in ashton. Pretty quiet until 11am. I'm just on my first of two 7s. Just wondering where this speedwell s49 is going to be leaving from. I think the positioning of the stand will have a huge impact on how many people they pick up. Especially at 4pm when people are waiting 30 minutes for the 409. I can't knock the service too much, i use it alot and rarely get let down. But i don't pay so don't mind if they turn up a little late at busy times. Got the car fixed for a lovely 160quid hence the reason i have worked friday and saturday on my long weekend off. Off to southport tomorrow for either a day in the pub or a day watching the planes. All weather depending. One more week to go then i'm off to wales for the week to work for the park and ride at the ryder cup. I'll explain more later in the week when i get the full details.

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  1. good photo seen some photos of the new stagecoach buses in service