Monday, 9 November 2009

Hope this is nice.

Just on the 330. This is the view on portwood roundabout tonight. I hope the picture turns out as nice as it looks now. Been a crap cold day today. Even the 330s have been in turmoil because of roadworks in gee cross. Some even running 30 minutes late. In at 9am tomorrow so no time for a lie in and i have a stinking cold coming too. Looks like a bad week. Bit of gossip for the spotters too. The darts are apparently leaving us in two weeks to be replaced by...... I will let you know when i have checked it out lol.


  1. oh speeking os single deckers (hope you get E200'S or more E300's by the way) I saw a MAN alx3000 on the 231 (fair play)...330 (oooh...k) and an X reg on the 216 (ARGH!!!) not as bad the Marshall Dart on the 216 (or is it ?) but still...I can see what you meant about the shortage.

    Where are the Marshall Darts of to then...presumably they'll count as Speedwells best along with the other 3. There actually good round Mossley's pennine hills...maybe the 217/8 should of had them?

  2. Glad to say I only waited about the usual ten mins for a 330 yesterday - here is a view from the bus stop of the roadworks