Wednesday, 4 November 2009

For the interested people.

This horrid bendy bus is on the 471s. I'm not a big fan of these. I find them uncomfortable. This one is one of a few without the 135 branding plastered all over the side of it.


  1. Its actually an oddity in First Manchester as its the only Scania Wright Floline artic in the fleet whereas all the rest of the bendi buses are Scani Ominicities

  2. yeah but bendy buses are horrible...really horrible, I was a kid when me and family was on one that caught fire in london.

    Didn't they used to have a load of X reg's in bolton at one point, i remember seeing them once but now they're gone

  3. Anonymous5/11/09 17:54

    The bendis are all parked at Bolton depot out of use ....

    PAul W