Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Long wet day.

Just on the way to work. Got a long tough day today with a couple of trips on the 216 followed by 2 trips on a 7. This is the council offices in ashton. Interesting building. Not sure which looks worse, this or the civic in oldham.


  1. Only one way to find out... FIGHT!!!

    I think the TAC Building wins it myself. The Civic Centre in Oldham seems to have aged better, even being 3 - 15 years older (Tameside Council Offices was opened in 1981, Oldham Civic Centre in its entirity around 1978, with some buildings dating from the mid 1960s).

  2. And they are both filled with mostly idiots,despots and little hitlers :-)

  3. Not alot of people realise that the Tameside office buildings have a large open quadrant in the middle. Its quite nice and very quiet considering its next to a main road and a busy market.

  4. Triangle!

    Instead of building a fine lobby here on the corner. They build the loadiing dock.
    Brings to mind the term " Mummy, I'm an architect."