Sunday, 4 October 2009

And The Winner Is????

I started this blog as a bit of fun and to try out some software i found on my K850i as it was at the time. Since then its been featured in the MEN, on other sites and now listed in the final nominations for best new blog at the Manchester Blog Awards.(link at the bottom). Not sure how i got listed for this i assume someone somewhere nominated me so thank you.
It's still just fun for me and although i'm no literery genius i know there are lots of people who enjoy it all around the world. Win or lose i don't mind but thanks for reading will fnd out on the 21st October if i win although there are some pretty good ones in the same category. Also JPT ran a slogan competition on facebook with a prize of 50 quid to the person who came up with the best slogan. Anyway i won lol. "Often Challenged, Never Beaten" will start to appear on all the buses starting this week. Off today back in tomorrow at 1230 for a very easy shift of 347s and 330s. Till tomorrow.


  1. Great news.

  2. Congratulations on the slogan competition.
    I really enjoy your blog, I hope you do well in the Manchester Awards,

  3. Well done Oldham 100. Good Luck in the Manchester Awards. I loved your slogan entry.

  4. Congratulations, Oldham 100! I hope you will win the Manchester Blog Award.