Friday, 2 October 2009

Almost the weekend.

Finally get a day off on sunday so only 2 more shifts to do. Today is a 6am start on the 236. This bus is a beast. I think it's the fastest nicest man we have. Good if you are running late anyway. Although of course without speeding lol. Finish this first part with a 219 from piccadilly station.


  1. Are you feeling ok this morning just that I think these early starts must be getting to you as fast, nice and MAN dont normally go in the same sentence do they, especially for the early ones like Ashton have got anyway

  2. is that the bus im thinking of? the one where everyones been writing "fast bus" comments on the "last painted on..." sticker in the cab?

    if so i drove it t'other week on the 347's, i simply could not believe just how fast it was! i kept having to stop and wait every 5 minutes! lol

  3. Yip. its had an engine replacement which makes it a dream to drive.