Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank hols

Just got to work after a couple of days off. Usual sunday service today on a bank holiday. I'm doing the usual late on the glossop service which is a very simple duty. Roads look a bit busy though on the way in so i'm hoping they calm down in the next hour or so.


  1. Anonymous3/5/10 18:30

    I noticed recently that theres still alot of older and withdrawn buses stored at Ashton and Charles St. Is there any reason why Stagecoach are hanging onto all these redundant vehicles?

  2. Anonymous3/5/10 19:31

    I have walked passed on the canal and only seen 15381 parked up at the far end of the yard from what I have heard they still use Glossop to store withdrawn buses I know mayne livered 15383 and 20882 are there

    stagecoach are not as bad as first bus for hanging on to withdrawn buses

    I get weekly bus reports of first bus and stagecoach and heard first are going to be using rail replacement buses again in Manchester

  3. Anonymous3/5/10 23:07

    I know quite a few vehicles have been moved from Ashton to Charles St. From what ive heard Charles St is now packed with withdrawn and damaged Buses.
    Ive been up to Glossop and there is a Mayne's liveried Scania and 4 Volvo B10M's. Theres at least 2 ex Mayne's Scania's at Ashton.

    With the Low Floor rule coming nearer by the day the price of older Step-up buses is falling all the time so you would thing Stagecoach would be keen to get rid. I know in the past Stagecoach have withdrawn buses and sent them down to Ensign within the same week, so seems rather strange to me that they haven't sold anything in over a year.

  4. Some of Stagecoach's older buses are up for sale aren't they, or atleast that's what I thought? I like some of the older buses though as they tend to be quicker, or have an advantage with the shorter Wheelbase in some of the tight roads around Glossop

    First using rail replacement buses? considering they're prime in Tameside is stagecoach's leftovers from years ago yet still charge the most, I find this fascinating...What are these vehicles? I'm guessing slop's from other first subsidaries or the reintroduction of there (horse and cart) T-reg bendy to see them go round Egmont street in Mossley lol...

    A holiday beginning & end for May lol everyone needs a break now and again

  5. Anonymous4/5/10 00:20

    Some of th best sights i have seen in a while were photos of some of First Dukinfields N reg darts in the scrap yard in Barnsley - about time too. A few years ago alot of First's Arrow's and Olympians were withdrawn and kept for 'schools only', only then to be brought back out into active service.

    Normally Stagecoach's withdrawn buses are sold through either Ensign or Stafford Bus centre but theres been nothing sold in over a year. Infact im pretty sure the only movements have been when some vehicles have been cascaded to other Stagecoach fleets. The only bus i know of that has left all together was one of the ex Mayne's darts which was scrapped.

    Also is it me or are First stand blocking in Ashton. I noticed a Speedwell S48 waiting to drop off passengers at a stand which was blocked by 4 First buses. After beeping his horn several times the driver ended up using the S50 stand instead. By the look of his face he wasn't impressed.

  6. Stagecoach have decent buss now though, with the nearly every bus low floor...whereas First decide a new bus is a step entry bucket, which will be banned in 5 years time from the disability act...

    They could ppreserve the maynes buses or atleast use them as Taxi's...would be nice.

    That's just dirty tactics and/or a poor station layout, ah well, it's just tactics.

  7. Anonymous4/5/10 22:11

    3rd poster down

    did you have to use the cricket field at the back of Glossop depot to see them and did you get the fleet number of any of the B10ms got on an S50 tonight VU 02 TTZ and it was that friendly lady driver and behind was an old first double deck 31949 which had been withdrawn in August last year I think speedwell just have the S48/50 routes to to them selfs I remember when GM south ran the 350 for a bit from Hyde Rd

    stagecoach seem to do better then first bus to keeping on time that maynes scaina 15383 has been at Glossop depot since late 2008

  8. Anonymous5/5/10 21:39

    If you go around the back of the main building at Glossop there was a gap in the doors and by peeping through you can just make out 5 Volvo B10M's and the Mayne's Scania.
    The B10M's are parked right at the front of the shed so i couldn't make out fleet numbers but all 5 were in normal livery and i think at least 3 were the Northern Counties Paladin type and the other 2 were Alexander.

    Im not sure why the Mayne's Scania was withdrawn as its sister was painted into Stagecoach livery and used for a while at Ashton. Its a prime vehicle to be preserved. Well worth a trip up.

    Willaim i dont think its the station lay out thats to blame as in the first week of the S48 there was plenty of room at the stand. It looks to me like purpose stand blocking. Lets just hope Speedwell tighten the screws and dont give up.

  9. Anonymous5/5/10 22:02

    speedwell will not give up they are going to 3 an hour in July

    First needs to get its act together waiting for a 350 last Friday it was 12 mins late so on saturday used the 354 service speedwells

    I will try and get on the cricket field at the back I am lead to belive there are more stored buses there as noted in a fleet book

    someone said speedwell should take on the 409 well with that service you could wait up to 30 mins sometime and at least 4 would come together

    15381/82 should have been kept in use I think also 15384/85 where good buses not sure where they are stored now 15384 was last know to be at Ashton in 2/10

  10. Anonymous5/5/10 22:04

    one of the buses would be 20882

  11. Anonymous5/5/10 23:26

    The fleetlist isn't always right. Glossop is up for sale so its very unlikely they will be storing much there. Unlike Charles St which is chocca block with withdrawn buses.
    Last count at Glossop there was 6 buses.

  12. Anonymous7/5/10 15:28

    the back yard at Glossop is empty so I guess they must be in the building I though they would have to move them if it is for sale or sell them to Ensign that 15383 has been there since 2008 and 20882 was last known to be there in 12/09 but apart from that nothing more I know what is there

  13. Anonymous7/5/10 22:23

    When i visited Glossop last summer the building was packed with Volvo B10M's - at least 15 or 20, as well as the Mayne's Scania. Then one by one they were painted blue at Hyde Road and sent over to Merseyside, however they seem to have forgot about them.
    Glossop has been up for sale for a while now and its nothing really to move 6 Buses. They are in the main building, right behind the front doors.

  14. Anonymous8/5/10 17:51

    there are photos of buses at Glossop taken in 2008 and some of the maynes scanias where there 15376 to 78 I bet the volvos where the ones not known where to be now

    I remember when First Pennine used a yard to store withdrawn buses which now houses lorrys those last step entrance darts where sold quick never known that before with firstbus

  15. Anonymous9/5/10 01:30

    When Glossop was still in use the yard at the rear was used to store buses that were for sale. Most of the Mayne's and Bullocks buses and alot of the older Magic buses went there before being sold.