Saturday, 8 May 2010

New buses

I know there is lots of talk on here about speedwell new services. If you have not seen the 54 plate enviro 300s they have then this is it. Looks a nice bus. I have never driven one but the drivers who have say it's a nice drive. I think we have some 59 plates in liverpool. Finished for 2pm today. Simple day too, just glossops and a couple of trips to haughton green. Working weekend this week. Got 3 lates after today finishing at 1245am. Not good.


  1. Anonymous8/5/10 13:19

    It is a nice bus. I belive theres a younger Enviro still to come.
    Haven't Stagecoach got 1 Enviro 300 based at Princess Road?

  2. There's a nice sound to it too...and they've put their price banners up on these and the Marshall's too...even on their pointer 'TTZ', so they're going for it. Fingers crossed 'pte have caught First out as well.

    Didn't stagecoach Manchester borrow one?

  3. Anonymous8/5/10 14:12

    They had one on demo years ago then it re-appeared in there livery. Im sure its still at Princess road and mainly works on a service to flixton.

  4. Anonymous8/5/10 14:17

    Just checked and they have. Its 27501 [RV52 OGL], and is based at princess road.
    I think it came on demo and they liked it and kept it. Quite strange really because i always thought Stagecoach didn't like 'odd' buses in the fleet which is why so much of the Mayne's stuff went.

  5. Anonymous8/5/10 17:34

    I went on that Enviro today that got in Ashton just after 9.20am it is a great bus and better then the first sheds got the 354 home and that was T445 WWT which hardly rattles then late on got the 353 from uppermill V994 DNB today I am now a big fan of speedwell a firm with better drivers then first
    one other thing my list notes 60013 as a trainer

  6. Anonymous8/5/10 18:39

    Speedwell are a good company and i wish them all the best.
    The two T reg and one V reg Vario's are in much better condition than the ex Stagecoach Vario's which are certainly due for withdrawel.

  7. Anonymous8/5/10 18:48

    they have 2 V regs ones aswell and are used on the 343 in the week

  8. Anonymous8/5/10 19:03

    Yes your right. Its quite funny really because them 4 were used for a long time in there previous owners livery's and always looked very scruffy compared to the ex Stagecoach examples. Just shows what a lick of paint can do.

    Does anyone have the registration number for there new Enviro?

  9. Anonymous8/5/10 19:04

    it is KX 54 NKG

  10. Anonymous8/5/10 19:07

    they are better then first buses darts went down to st ives last year and their darts of the same type are newer and better and a really friendly driver on the 300 service to lands end went on 38001 and came back on 38005

  11. Anonymous8/5/10 19:26

    Thanks for the reg above i kept forgetting to make a note of it when i was in Ashton. It seems this Bus has worked in Manchester before, working at Manchester Airport.

    Its worth pointing out that some of Speedwells drivers have come from First and Stagecoach. I know at least 3 ex Mayne's drivers who now drive for them and one ex First Dukinfield driver.
    Alot of drivers prefer driving for smaller companies than the big ones.

  12. Anonymous8/5/10 19:32

    I did see a ex first driver on them before the S50 started I have nocited the 353 and 54 services have the same drivers which is good one is called Sue these drivers chat with some of the passangers that are on a lot if you are ever in Greenfield you might see that factory is nearly down next to the Kingfisher pub it will look better

  13. Anonymous9/5/10 14:58

    has ashton depot recived some new enviro 400 just seen 19395 on the 216 or is there another reason? my records show the vehicle to be a hyde road bus

  14. Anonymous9/5/10 16:45

    could be a loan

  15. Anonymous9/5/10 17:06

    It could be that Hyde road are working a duty on the 216. The 231 is done by Hyde Road but quite often at peak the odd Princess Road bus and driver are placed on it. As i have said before - nothing is set in stone lol.

    I notice on the Speedwell Facebook page someone has mentioned Tenders. Are Speedwell going for more Tenders or are they just trying to resecure tenders they already have?

  16. Thats was me lol oh no it's just the renewal of the 353/4 and 341...apparently there's new primos in it if they retained so that's what I was wondering

  17. Anonymous9/5/10 18:12

    it will be good to have new buses on these routes

  18. Anonymous9/5/10 18:47

    It would be good i agree. Speedwell did have a Primo a few years ago on demo and it was a nice bus. Certainly alot better than the Vario's.

    It would be a big fly in the ointment if First took the 353/4 Tenders though.

  19. Anonymous9/5/10 20:03

    they do the 353/54 sunday services and optare solos are mainly used but they interwork the 348/50 aswell so there could be darts on aswell

    I can not see them getting the weekday services First Halifax lost a lot of routes one was the 528 Halifax to Rochadale and when Halifax ran the 562 it was a good service with coaches used 2 where in Gold Rider livery at the time

  20. Anonymous10/5/10 00:40

    Perhaps your right. I dont think First have ever done the weekday 353/4 as before Speedwell did them they were done by Vales.

  21. Anonymous10/5/10 19:50

    have Hyde Road taken over the 216 service I saw 19079 and 19359 on the route today

  22. Hyde road have a couple of buses on the 216 on the mornings and nights. Normally after they have done a school service.