Thursday, 13 May 2010

Nothing special

Not much to report good ride here if you like long down hills as well as a challenge going up hills. Bus station looks the same as last time i came. Can't see any stagecoach buses here. Anyway home on the train done enough today. In at 4am tomorrow on staff taxis.


  1. Didn't stagecoach sell out to Centrebus or something like that...

  2. Stagecoach dont run into Huddersfield, the neareast to Huddersfield they run to is Homfirth on Holmfirth-Barnsley service which is a lovely rural ride out on a nice sunny day

  3. What actually happened was that Yorkshire Traction got bought out by Stagecoach who operated out of Waterloo Road Depot for a while but as this was the only Depot in West Yorkshire and the majority of Yorkshire Tractions work being in South Yorkshire the decision was made from Stagecoach to sell off Waterloo Depot and concentrate all their work in South Yorkshire

  4. Anonymous13/5/10 16:43

    Huddersfield bus Company aka Centrebus did operate a number of buses in Stagecoach livery for a while. This must be the reason why.

  5. I knew someone would know lol

  6. Anonymous13/5/10 19:32

    centrebus also have a depot in Elland near Halifax as they took over some first routes in the area

  7. Anonymous13/5/10 23:11

    Yes they run into Roachdale now on one route.

  8. roachdale? that a typo or a stab towards rochdale lol seems like centrebus have been busy

  9. Anonymous14/5/10 10:05

    3 megabus livery coaches are now at PS they are 52621/22 and 52246

  10. Anonymous14/5/10 16:42

    Sorry, a typo lol. It was meant to say Rochdale.

    It was reported a while ago that when they won these tenders in Yorkshire they didn't have enough buses so had to bring up buses from there other operation.

  11. M Branson14/5/10 17:22

    Stagecoach's Huddersfirld operations inherited from Tracky were sold to Centrebus; I think it was in 2008. They have very imaginitively named the operation "Huddersfield Bus Company".

  12. Anonymous14/5/10 18:28

    saw the magic bus 16189 in Ashton bus stn today is this bus to stay in this livery I also saw the S48 bus with nearly a full load of passangers which is good to see it shows speedwell will countie to grow I emailed them about extending the S50 to Oldham and got a repley that will probery not happen but they are looking at a speedwell value service in the Oldham area not sure which one yet

  13. Anonymous14/5/10 18:37

    Intrestingly alot of the Huddersfield Bus Company vehicles now carry Centrebus fleetnames instead, still its a nice fleet with alot of young vehicles.

    I can see why Speedwell wouldn't want to extend the S50 daytime journey's onto Oldham as it could rival there own 343 service which is part tendered but i think evenings and weekends could be done.

    Apparently Speedwell are using one of there Double deckers in the mornings on one of there public services in Glossop.

  14. Anonymous14/5/10 19:06

    waiting for 350 in uppermill towards mossley it was late yet again I had seen the one before it leave 2 mins early but once I saw one about 10 mins early

    I guess the double deck is G501 SFT

    the weekend service 343 is run by JPT and even they have new buses

  15. Anonymous14/5/10 19:10

    use to travel on yorkshire rider buses in the 1990s and Huddersfield had 4 gold rider coaches 1613/14/15/17 which where used on the x36 to Sheffield from Halifax these where great coaches and the doors would not open till the hand brake was appiled they also used them on the first 365 saturday service when it was limited stop service Halifax also had 2 1616 and 19 these had radios in still have photos of them

  16. Anonymous15/5/10 00:53

    It could be any of Speedwell's deckers. Would be good to travel on one of there ex Thamesdown Olympians, they look like solid buses.

    Only the Saturday 343 is run by JPT. Sunday and evenings is Worst [sorry First lol].

  17. Anonymous15/5/10 10:38

    I do not know why they call them firstbus should be lastbus come back from Ashton on R513 YWC on the 354 and it does not rattle as much now

    not seen R508/511 YWC for weeks

    firstbus have got 31937 and 49 back at Ashton those volvo double deckers are better