Wednesday, 19 May 2010

New addition

This is the latest addition to the arcades shopping centre at ashton. Nice to see units don't stay empty for long around here. Always a popular store poundland. Just done a 330 got my chicken now so break time before i head to town for my 1750 to glossop which i have been looking forward too yippee. Wonder how many names i can be called before i get to ashton lol.


  1. Anonymous19/5/10 16:25

    It was the rise of the great pound shops around the UK that was blamed on the demise of Woolworths, so rather ironic that in Ashton the empty Woolworths store has become a poundland store.
    I wonder if they will be selling 'pick and mix' lol.

  2. Anonymous19/5/10 16:38

    Poundland taking a unit in Ashton couldn't have come soon enough for me. The Oldham store is always packed, so this branch would relieve some pressure from its smaller much older sister.

  3. Is this occupying both floors? rather nice that the empty units are being brought back into business.

  4. No , the staircase has dissapeared, we had a peek yesterday, we are so chuffed we got one , the one in Oldham is ace !

  5. Anonymous19/5/10 19:45

    so how was the 1750 full of satisfied passengers

  6. Anonymous23/5/10 11:02

    I was in puondland on Friday and it was extremely busy. These are the only types of shops which seem to be doing a decent trade in the current climate. They don't do Pick n mixes so you'll still have to get these from the stall over in the indoor market.