Monday, 10 May 2010

Here we go again

On my second of two lates tonight. Same finish time of 0046. It's the last bus in the depot. Glossop ashton all night. Last night was painfully quiet. Am sure tonight will be as interesting. Will be glad to be back to normality of sorts with a 4am start on wednesday. The body clock will love that one.


  1. Anonymous10/5/10 20:45

    nice photo just got an upto date fleet list and it lists the 90000s fleet 91062 has gone 93240 is a new head office one 92930 is at Hyde rd [is this a car or van 92930

  2. Dont know anything at all about the little white vans we have. We dont even have one at ashton lol I just remember using them as taxis at hyde road.

  3. Anonymous11/5/10 13:19

    I think 92930 is a yellow crew van based at Hyde Road. For some reason its listed on the main fleetlist.

  4. Anonymous11/5/10 21:57

    so are the head office cars on fleetlist

  5. Anonymous11/5/10 22:00

    so are the head office cars

  6. Anonymous11/5/10 22:16

    Are you sure?
    Ive never seen them listed on the Stagecoach Allocation cards.

  7. Anonymous12/5/10 19:25

    very sure I asked for the list to be stagecoach fleet list email to me and they where on with the cars vans etc