Thursday, 13 May 2010

A very good morning

Just at stalybridge about to do the first bus to glossop. It's weird. Sometimes you can go weeks not doing a certain route then you end up on it for a full week. Today is similar to yesterday with a glossop, town, glossopdale school then ashton. A 330 after my break for good measure too. Out on my bike later so i hope this sunny but cool weather continues. not sure where to head today. I have not been up the ashton canal for a while so might head up that way. stalybridge has a lot of buses in the morning but none seem to pick many up from here. There is a 219,220,237 and a 217 all within 7 minutes of each other around 7am. Suppose the train is too much competition for it.


  1. Anonymous13/5/10 12:33

    which depot does the 219 from stalybridge in the mornings

  2. I know we now do the 0539 from Stalybridge i think Hyde Road does the rest.