Thursday, 13 May 2010

Saddleworth Moors

Just a few pics on top of the moors. I didnt take many going up coz i was busy trying to stop my lungs jumping out and i couldnt when i was coming down as it was too much fun i didnt want to stop. The 30 mins up there was beautiful scenery though.


  1. You are a gladiator riding all that way !
    Before I moved to Ashton (end of 96) me and a friend would ride from Hadfield over woodhead,over holmfirth and then back over saddleworth moor ,staylbridge and back home.
    just starting building my cycling back up now , did 3.5 miles yesterday, must improve !

  2. Up in the sticks!

    Nice pictures, esp' the last one with the patches of sunshine in the distance.

  3. Driven through there a couple of times during my driving lessons...ruddy scary but a quick way of learning heehee