Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Look at the time!

Well they say variety is the spice of life lol. Done two shifts that finished at 1am. Yesterday finished at 9pm. And 4 days now i am resigned to getting up between 3 and 4am. I was looking forward to getting on my bike today but had a little injury in the gym yesterday so i'm having an exercise free day. I finish at 12 today lunchtime which is nice although i think a back to bed might be in order. There are some people at work do the same hours everyday for various reasons including the inability to get up early in the morning. I like the variety. Glossop limited stop this morning first trip. It's on the destination blinds now as a few people seemed to have not read the big posters on the bus or the information on the web site. Or noticed that the numbers were missing off the bus stops and decided to insult the drivers for there own ignorance. I don't mind the abuse sometimes, it makes a sometimes uneventful day interesting. Anyway time to get up. Taxi bus picking me up at 520am. Lets hope the weather reports are wrong and the sun comes out.


  1. M Branson12/5/10 19:18

    Why on earth have I seen a 347 drop off a passenger in DUKINFIELD?

  2. Anonymous12/5/10 23:10

    Did the bus have passengers on it?

  3. M Branson13/5/10 08:24

    Yep. Came off Astley Street and headed towards Ashton, with 347 Ashton on the destimation board. Was one of the short Scanias (28506 or 28507) which is also an unusual working. There were a few passengers on, and one got off over the road from the Central Estate in Dukinfield.

  4. Anonymous13/5/10 12:12

    I have seen the ex Maynes Scania's on the 347 in the past. I wonder if there was a tempory diversion or perhaps the bus had the wrong destination on the display. Passengers getting off in Dukinfield seems abit strange as normally on a diversion drivers dont observe stops.

  5. Anonymous13/5/10 12:30

    did you get many passengers on your limited stop trip on the 236/237 or is it early days yet?

  6. It would have been the 345 with the wrong display on. That bus only has 2 service numbers on the display as its a different display panel to the standards ones. He must have out the wrong one up. Only about 5 going through and a couple of misfits who didnt read the posters and wanted to get off inbetween I allowed for the ignorance for now. Am looking forward to the 1750 out of town on Wednesday. We will see how many people want to cut my head off lol.

  7. M Branson14/5/10 17:27

    Lol. Maybe they should put a bit of branding on the new Limited Stop service, so that people are aware.

    Or maybe you shoule write it on your head!