Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Back to it

This isn't the scene for this morning. This is from our trip to blackpool on sunday. I'm sat at the gun in at the moment waiting to head to ashton on my 237. Get plenty of time so thought i'd stretch my legs and post this. Was hard work today. I feel like i have had two weeks off not 3 days. The cab heater has been on this morning coz it feels a little cooler. Just got this then 216s and a 7 easy.


  1. There was a nice friendly driver on 7 around dinnertime today (11:50 from Ashton) not to sure who it was though, lol

  2. Ah it couldnt have been me then i been grumpy all day lol

  3. Anonymous27/5/10 22:17

    been on that little dart 33098 great little bus

    First Dukinfield have now got 60313/43/44 not sure if on loan or transfer the yellow school buses are moving to Oldham this weekend 68219 use to be stagecoach 29804

  4. I dont really understand how the whole yellow school bus thing works and they there are so few of them. I have, many a time, voiced my opinion that all school buses should be the same driver and seat the kids in the same places. It has worked in many other towns and countries to employ good behaviour on the school services but yet we choose to let them do as they wish?

  5. Anonymous28/5/10 16:17

    they have loads with First West yorkshire

    one of the X84 express service Carrcote to Manchester is run from Dukinfield depot using the same bus and driver who is called Neal who use to work at the old Tameside depot in gm buses days

  6. Anonymous28/5/10 16:22

    noctied that 15381 is still parked at the far end of the depot with 40660 next to it saw 20938 heading for Ashton sounds like it is on its last legs

  7. Anonymous28/5/10 16:54

    The Yellow School buses were a trial set up a few years ago by GMPTE. Its done for several schools and as you say its the same driver, the kids sit in the same seats and the bus is fitted with CCTV.
    Stagecoach had 3 or 4 based at Glossop but didn't like them so gave them back to the PTE.
    The problem is most of Stagecoach's and First's school services are interworked with other services so its just not practical. It would mean having vehicles that could ONLY be used for schools and nothing else. Its just a bad idea.

    Many smaller opps do use the same drivers on school services, Speedwell, Stotts and Hulme Hall all use the same vehicle/driver each day so it puts kids off being bad becuase the chances are the driver knows you.

  8. Anonymous28/5/10 18:36

    yes there where 3 at Glossop and one at Hyde Rd

    wigan have just got 68549 from Halifax

    looks like Dukifield could be getting Boltons casts of the volvo B10Bs I have seen 3 so far