Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Silly man

We pick some real odd people up in this job. It's a rule that we do not allow people to travel with a tin of paint. This is because the damage it can cause if spilt can cost thousands to clean and repair the damage it causes. So anyway this morning i'm on the 330 just before Gee Cross when a guy gets on with a tub of paint! After i advised him of our conditions the chap got off and launched the paint onto the footpath then started shouting at me. I'm guessing he was having a bad day lol. After he finished he had the strange idea that he was going to travel on my bus. This idea was soon dismissed by me. Funny old day. That was the first part of my split. I'm hoping the next part on the 347 is just as funny. The picture shows the tub and the mess it made of the path.


  1. Anonymous28/4/10 15:48

    This might seem like a daft question but did you call the police?
    Thats surly criminal damage and he should have been made to clear it up or at the very least pay to have it cleaned up.
    With the lollipop person being close by im guessing its near to a school. Could be a hazard to kids going or coming from school.

  2. Anonymous28/4/10 16:01

    I live a few doors up from here - right where the stop is. I can see the paint and someone has kindly put sand all over it. Glad I didn't go tramping through it earlier!

  3. Its things like this that sent me scuttling back to a QC job , in an office :-)

  4. The lollypop lady wasnt there at the time. It happened on the way to stockport i took this on the way back. He didnt damage the bus so i wasnt too interested in calling the police. I did stop any other buses picking him up though. Its all on cctv should the resident want to persue it further.

  5. Foot Long Phil29/4/10 22:18

    Purely coincidental but I was on a 369 at Wythenshawe yesterday when a guy got on also with a tin of paint and the driver refused him stating a fire risk. He also became abusive banging the drivers protective shield until the bus station supervisor arrived. The guy's arguement was that it was a water based emulsion and could not therefore combust.

    Apparently its down to drivers discretion. Must be the warm weather bringing them out

  6. Anonymous30/4/10 10:24

    saw a very smart speedwell single decker in Ashton bus station, white with their name on the side.

  7. anonymous, that will be one of their new mcv/enviro 300's, one of an eventual 4, i believe...

  8. Anonymous30/4/10 16:04

    Speedwell have one Enviro 300 Transbus at the moment with another due very soon. Im pretty sure they are only having 2.
    It has been mentioned that they may be withdrawing several Merc Varios and replacing them with Plaxton Primos.

  9. paint is'nt much of a 'fire' risk, but more of 'expensive cleanup' catastrophe lol

  10. Anonymous29/7/10 17:59

    didn't this one make the newspapers?

    In fact there's a whole page of them - must be a popular thing to do!

    But there's this one in particular:-

    Wasn't you, was it?

  11. No fraid not. This tin was a lot bigger and had been opened.

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