Friday, 9 April 2010

Nice try

Got this on the bus this morning on a 330 in hyde. It seems to be pretty common in hyde at the moment. I seem to keep seeing the same idiots trying to get on with altered day riders and now mega riders. This was given away by a number of things including the fact it's valid for 17 days! What great value lol. Only last week there was a lot of 20 quid fines issued to overriders and fare dodgers which is always nice as we have discussed on here before. But it's a case of catching the same people over and over again. what makes my chuckle is the abuse we get when we take there tickets off the idiots as if it's our fault we caught them out lol. Oh well been gym going for dinner then a trip and a half on a 7. Weekend off so bike ride and beer in order.


  1. Typical fare dodgers, although it is surprising finding out that they kick up a fuss...and they're not getting a clip round the ear by the full paying civilians...a rollocking is in order

  2. Anonymous10/4/10 13:05

    how do you do a trip and a half on the 7?

  3. Anonymous10/4/10 16:17

    I think its where the drivers change over half was along the route. Either that or its only doing half the journey.

  4. We only changeover in ashton. So a trip is Ashton to Stockport then back. The one i did got to stockport on the second trip and then comes back private. So we say a trip and a half.

  5. Anonymous11/4/10 13:48

    casos outside ashton bus station saturday afternoon accident may have involed a motor bike police sealed the road between prince of orange and bus station but caught our b10 out on service with its newly painted skirt you were right they do have plenty of spares

  6. Anonymous11/4/10 18:37

    Which service was the B10M on?
    Any idea when the 169/317 are moving to Ashton?