Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sunny day

Weather is looking very good for today. Just managed to grab a shot before the sun comes up. Not sure how it will look on a computer but it looks nice from here. Busy trip that first one. Although i wish people wouldn't think we carry as much change as a bank especially at 5 in the morning!


  1. Anonymous27/4/10 14:05

    Nice shot.
    There has certainly been some nice sun rises/sets over the last couple of weeks. I took my dog upto Hartshead pike the other week while Airspace was closed and was amazed at the huge crowd there waiting to snap the sunset. Lets hope its a nice warm summer.

  2. Anonymous28/4/10 13:54

    is Ashton depot covering the two bank holiday Mondays as it does on normal Sundays

  3. Yes all bank holidays up to christmas as Sunday service run by all depots. Im doing my usual Glossop late on Monday.