Thursday, 1 April 2010

Holidays time

Picture is from a school i did yesterday. I'm just sat in manchester waiting to go to ashton on a 219 which only starts at fairfield road. Been on earlies for the past few days so nothing much happening. Lots going on next week. I'm off after today until tuesday. There was going to be a few of us going on rail replacement in liverpool next week but it's been sorted now so it looks like another weeks fun in ashton lol. Unless the sun comes out and the weather improves dramatically so i can get out on my bike then i won't be posting until tuesday morning very early. Facebookers will catch you over the weekend and all others have a great easter and thanks for reading.


  1. Buspilot1/4/10 09:58

    Holiday here in Spain today and tomorrow.
    Appear to be plenty of tourists about.

  2. Anonymous1/4/10 13:24

    When's the 169 and 317 switching to Ashton?

  3. Anonymous6/4/10 15:52

    i give up ! been looking at this picture over Easter wher was the photo taken please.

  4. This was outside Mossley Hollins school on the 343 school service to Stalybridge.