Sunday, 11 April 2010

Maybe Something New!!

I had great plans for this post but it all gone wrong. I use Nokia Sports tracker on my phone which tells me where is am, how many calories i am burning, distance etc etc. It also records every picture you take and places them onto a map so you can see where i was and the time etc that the picture was taken. However for some reason it won't upload so i will have to play some more to see if i can link it up on here.
Anyway yesterday was a very mixed bag. No work so i headed into town via the Rochdale canal which i have never been down to get to Manchester and to be honest is nothing special. If anything i think most of it is pretty crappy. Anyway after that i thought i would do a bit of power cycling to see if i could get to Ashton in the 31 minutes is takes a 216. All was going well was keeping up with a bus until i got to Snipe and i lost 3 spokes on a bump so had to stop and hobble the bike home. Bad day as its glorious outside and i have no bike now. I heard that Wellington Road was closed yesterday following a very severe accident which closed the road outside the bus station for 4 hours. Luckily upto now no one has been killed but someone is in a bad way in hospital so im sure it was chaos around there yesterday, Won't go into the details as i didn't see it. Back in work tomorrow morning at 7 not sure what im on but im sure it will be hard work. I'm not a fan of monday mornings at all. This picture by the way is the new metrolink station at Edge Lane/ Ashton new road in case you wondered. Will try to post more from yesterday when i get chance but there was no great scenery like i have posted before.

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  1. Hi,one of our sons friends saw the poor motorcyclist being worked on the ground,hope they pull through.