Sunday, 25 April 2010

St George's Day Parade

Was a bit bored so thought i would have a little ride into Manchester to strech the legs. I came across the St Georges Day Parade. Thought it was a but poor to be honest but it's still nice that some people made the effort. Off today back in at 5am tomorrow which aint fun for a Monday morning but it means i am done for 3. Not all bad.


  1. Anonymous26/4/10 15:57

    are the man single deckers to continue on the 236/237 when it starts as a limited stop service or a move to double deckers to cope with the crowds!!?

  2. I'm sure the man buses will be fine for the 5 or so people that use it! starts on monday the numbers however have already been removed off the stops.

  3. Anonymous26/4/10 17:35

    I wonder if it will be a success.
    I carn't see it making that much difference.

  4. Not a matter of it being a success but more of a matter to keep it on time...hence the times haven't changed.

    Georges day may not be a national holiday but it's treated more like one than may day lol

  5. Anonymous27/4/10 13:08

    Its been tried before William and it didn't work then. I give it 6 months before its back to a normal service.

  6. ah-well, im sure a retime is a more sensible option. I guess it's a matter of time before stagecoach even bother having the manchester extension, it shouldn't be a hassle to change at Ashton anyway for the 216.

    I'd love to see an express to the city an have the limited stop service, similar to the classic 153, but remove the extended 236/7

  7. Anonymous28/4/10 17:11

    I think your right William. A connection could be made at Ashton, abit like what Speedwell did on the S50 in the final weeks with the service split into 2 sections.
    Another option would be for an express service to miss out Ashton all together and go up the bypass into Stalybridge. It would shave alot of time of a journey into Glossop.

  8. That was one of stagecoaach's choices...but again the votes state it was inconclusive. If the resident of Glossop & Stalybridge want to get into Manchester, then couldn't the 236/7 follow a different route like the 219 or through a less congested road at peak times

  9. Anonymous28/4/10 19:04

    Well Stagecoach's options were either keep it as it is now, run it as a limited stop service [which they are doing now] or during congested times run it down Ashton Old Road instead of the New Road.
    Alot of time is wasted unloading and loading in Ashton so by cutting Ashton out time can be saved on a journey to Glossop.

    They tried a X36/X37 service a few years ago using route branded Volvo B10M's. It ran without stopping until Edge Lane in Droylsden but didn't last long, and of course back then there was no Metrolink roadworks causing congestion.

    But as you have said William its the passengers who have voted for this option so lets see how it goes - although i wonder how many passengers voted who actually use the 236/7.