Monday, 19 April 2010

Still quiet.

Am just sat in stockport waiting to go back to ashton on my 330. This is a 22 which goes to bolton. I have never been on it because it takes forever. Not like the old trans lancs 400 service. This one goes all over the place. It's a shared route with first and stagecoach running it. Off to glossop next from town nice drive upto the hills.


  1. Anonymous19/4/10 16:43

    There surpose to be bringing the 400 back. There was a story in the MEN about the goverment giving GMPTE a chunk of cash to run a cross city service between Roachdale, Oldham, Ashton and Stockport.

    Having said that the 400 had very low passenger numbers in the last year it ran and was apparently only ever busy on Market days.

  2. there's surely more lost routes out there that should be resurrected.

  3. Anonymous19/4/10 19:09

    I agree but the PTE want to bring back the 'cross city' routes.
    Personally i think the money could be better spent on more night services.

  4. Agreed. The night buses in this 24 hour city is very poor. I think they should at least run thursday - sunday instead of just friday and saturday. Interesting thought that.

  5. I'm not so sure on sundays because the numbers are already low....but I would love mondays to saturdays...The latest service I can possibly get is 11 at night and that is a bit awkward for a night out

  6. Anonymous20/4/10 00:43

    More investment in evening and night services are a must. The reason passenger numbers are low on evening services is because most services are infrequent.
    It shocked me when i was in London last year at there level of evening and night buses available. We are lagging well behind. Scarp this idea of cross city travel and invest in more evening and night services.

  7. Anonymous21/4/10 10:35

    are you happy to drive night buses from the Ashton depot

  8. We run upto about 0045. Anything later is run as overtime from Princess road when the night services are running. I have done it a couple of times when i was at Hyde road but i wouldnt travel from Ashton to do it.