Friday, 16 April 2010

Almost there

Well it's been a pretty tedious week which is almost over. Most schools have been off this week so everything is quiet. Today i'm on the 347 for two trips. Normally not a bad route but anyone who had a school duty is sent out on there instead. Great for the people of haughton green and denton. Not so for me who has times to run too bus noone to pick up because there are so many buses running on there. Later i got 3 trips on a 216 which is completly the opposite on friday and i'm sure by 2pm i will be more than ready for home time. Am off this weekend luckily as the manchester derby hits eastlands so expect huge delays on the new road if you are getting a bus at saturday lunchtime. Not in until monday at 1330 so almost 3 days off. Shame it's going to rain lol


  1. I'd expect delays on Ashton New Road and most/all roads surrounding the stadium from as you say lunchtime and also from about 14:30 onwards when the match is finished, I'm guessing that the police might have the road shut for longer than usual to quell any trouble that might start before/after the match

  2. Especially when Tevez scores a hat trick :-)

  3. Anonymous16/4/10 23:22

    For once i agree with you Chris :)

    How many buses run from Ashton depot these days?

  4. actual vehicles or routes? Not sure about numbers i havnt seen a fleet list in ages. As for routes will try to remember them all lol. 7/169sunday)/216/219(nights, some peaktime)/345/346/347/330/390/217/218/389 and a number of schools. Dont think i have missed any out!

  5. No, United's second highest scorer, Own Goal, will get the hat trick!

    Torrential rain, thunder and lightening continuously here on the Costa del Sol, since midnight.

  6. Atleast if it rains around here now, we technically get free volvic

  7. Anonymous17/4/10 13:36

    also... 231(peaktime & lates) and the 236/237

  8. Anonymous17/4/10 13:51

    I thought the evening 231's were done by Hyde Road.

  9. Anonymous17/4/10 17:52

    who dose 220?

  10. Anonymous18/4/10 16:06

    Indeed it does, i often use it when im working a late shift. I was worried once Stagecoach took over it would terminate at Littlemoss as the extra bit between Droylsden and Ashton is commercial and was added by First to cut out dead running back to Dukinfield.
    Stagecoach ARE still running the first and last journey on the full route.
    Interestingly on Friday it was a Princess Road Bus doing the service.

    On another note, no sign of rain yet lol.