Saturday, 24 April 2010

Busy busy

Piccadilly is very busy today with shoppers and protesters lol. Can't write too much i'm almost about to leave on my 218. Nice easy day today. So different from the rat run that was yesterday.


  1. Anonymous24/4/10 16:16

    a very smart looking man single decker passed me on the 347 on wednesday are they visiting the paint shop to prolong their service life?

  2. Anonymous24/4/10 16:22

    a very smart single decker man passed me on the 347 last wednesday is there a refubish programme taking place to extend their operating lives ?

  3. Anonymous24/4/10 16:26

    which depot is to operate the shuttle bus on the 231 from monday?

  4. Anonymous24/4/10 16:55

    Wern't alot of them re-furbished a few years ago?
    They are nice buses but are showing there age. More Enviro 200's are needed me thinks.

  5. I did a post late last year regarding the refurb programme. All the seats are being redone and the paint shop have done a great job on them too. Its still ongoing though. They almost look new sometimes. Not heard about a shuttle? St albans ave has been shut in the day but they are just diverting down broakoak road.

  6. Anonymous24/4/10 18:45

    Just noticed on the Stagecoach website that from next week they are running a free shuttle bus. Im guessing it will work in the same way as the 169 shuttle a few months ago when Littlemoss Rd was closed.
    Presumably its going to be run by Ashton using one of the Darts. No doubt Tameside council will be paying for the Free bus again. Another waste of tax payers money. Why they carnt just charge on these shuttle buses is beyond me.

  7. M Branson25/4/10 09:22

    The MAN bus I got off a couple of days ago didn't seem to have any working brake lights.

  8. Funny you say that i got pulled my a motorist on Friday who said i had no brake lights. when i got to picc i asked the inspector to check and they worked fine. Sometimes we brake using the retarder especially on a man bus. This is prob what it was.

  9. Anonymous25/4/10 15:00

    the StAlbans shuttle is to be run by a local taxi firm and not by stagecoach paid for by GMPTA

  10. Anonymous25/4/10 18:18

    Ahhh thats interesting. I think they ran the same kind of shuttle service when Sunnyside Road was closed in Droylsden. A local taxi firm ran a shuttle service that went up and down Sunnyside Road linking with the main bus services on Greenside Lane.
    GMPTA will fund the shuttle service but it will no doubt be part funded by TMBC as they are carrying out the roadworks, but in any case its still tax payers money that could be better spend elsewhere.