Saturday, 31 July 2010

A week away

Just started my week at princess road. It's easy to forget how busy these other depots are compared to ashton. Also i'm just finding my way around to see where everything is. No idea that my first part is because i can't find a copy of the running boards to see what time my bus comes in so i'm stood watching the world go by hoping to see it come in. Will also be nice to drive a newer enviro instead of the 6 and 7 plate ones we have at ashton. One chap from hyde road says the replacement service is very busy but also very easy. No money to take and hardly any stops. I think it's going to be a very enjoyable week.


  1. Sounds easy but Arriva were gunned down by the media in the last bus replacement service... mind you the people whining looked as if they just wanted to be on TV lol

    Nah you'll be fine... award winning service for a reason etc lol

  2. good luck this week

    just looked at the lastest fleet list I got and your Ashton depot may get 22090/91/93/22165/67/22243/44 as they have cctv 22246 is there now the 06 mans do not have cctv according to the list

  3. I wonder which is actually busier, Hyde Road or Princess road?

  4. M Branson31/7/10 20:04

    Princess Road I'd say, due to all the Magic Bus services, and generally all the many frequent services that serve the Oxford Road and Universities corridor.

  5. Yep Mark, i guess your right, and i think a couple more services have passed to Princess road from Hyde road this week.
    I think Hyde road is bigger though, as it has all the open space at the back.

  6. Dont forget that Princess Road operate all the Stagecoach Manchester allnight services with drivers from various depots so that's another reason as to why Princess Road is busier than other depots