Thursday, 15 July 2010

Looks familiar

This bus has stagecoach seats inside it. Don't think it was a manchester bus. Just on a 330 about to head to ashton and home. Been a boring drag today. Got pretty wet at 4am this morning cycling to work too. By the looks of it i'll be getting wet on the way home too lol.


  1. exazdriver15/7/10 12:08

    looks like a run-of-the-mill alexander ps bodied B10M, like ashton still has, just with different headlights

  2. did a trail race at Royton last night and could see the nasty weather over the city but we missed it but ran into it going home so lucky

    one of speedwells minibuses is withdrawn saw some passangers on the S48 firstbus put all nearly all the double decks on the 348 saw a solo aswell and saw a borrowed Bolton bus on the 350 with high steps 60336 also 60449 was on taxi duties there today

  3. More one man route learning before approx 2 weeks of paid ones starting next week! , I have done the 218 and 7, both not too bad me thinks!

  4. Mic a number of Speedwell's ex Stagecoach varios are up for sale with Stafford bus sales.

    They have become vary unreliable so im sure Speedwell are keen to get rid. £3000 each if you want one lol.

  5. I do like these ones.. I am aware of Stagecoach's commitment to providing a low floor magic bus fleet, but I'm sure that just 1 of these would have there uses in the colourful blue with yellow stokes, shame.

    What did I say 'bout those Varios Mic, what did I say ? lol The replacements are due sooner or later... sooner preffered lol

  6. well R506/10/14 where still running today 504 is withdrawn

    looks like the S48 is picking up a bit now so that is good news but on the S50 today where P502 OUG, MX 06 BPU and KX 54 NKG

    I am surprised that stagecoach 17620 is back in fleet livery got on the 409 to work today and you have never seen such a mirsable driver just looked the other way when I showed my pass when speedwell start this new service if right time will use it but on 350 from uppermill I go on to Hey farm a lady driver that even smiled which was nice to see

  7. William's a Speedwell know it all lol.

    Lets not forget the B10M's will still be part of the Manchester fleet, just as trainers and nothing else.

    In 10 years time we will be saying the same thing about the ALX MAN's lol.

  8. Mic just be thankful you didn't need the ramp to get on/off the First bus lol.

    I noticed the Solo on the S50 yesterday as well. Wheres all there larger vehicles gone?
    I presume one of the Enviros is finally getting its green skirts but wheres the other Darts?

    Mic, i also noticed your favourite VU02 reg Dart is now being used on the S48 and not the S50.

  9. Got to back your decent locals felix lol. Them and Checkmate but I have no use going around Marple on tuesdays only lol

    I've seen the excels more often, probably painting up the 300's in time.

    I like the ALX300's, but who knows where they'll be then

  10. Haha indeed you do William, although unless you travel to Manchester at 7.20 in the morning and travel home at 4.20pm, or want to go around Lee's all day its a bit hard to support Checkmate lol.

    But yes im right behind Speedwell as well.
    No sign of the resgistration on Vosa yet, i hope they haven't changed there minds with the S49.

  11. It takes time for routes to register, plus the pte have to allocate set times for stations blah blah they need to get it spot on...taking on the 409 is an entirely different tin of worms than gunning down the 348 or 350

  12. Oh i agree there William,
    It will be interesting to see if they get slots in Ashton Bus Station as i was recently told it was full to capacity, but if they do get slots it will be interesting to see which stand there given.

  13. is it just the ex stagecoach buses going from speedwell because they need 2 for the 395/96 services they could use the newer ones on there

    is V256 BNV still about

  14. Mic, i think the V reg dart is used on the 394 although i did see one of the Marshall Darts on it last week.

    It depends what condition the other Vario's are in. It certainly seeems like the R reg ones are in the worse state but are the T and V reg ones any better?

  15. Felix

    T446 WWT is a lot better

    to everyone 20938 is still running at the moment saw it in Ashton and saw one of speedwells double decks in white/blue livery

  16. Mic, In know the V reg ones preform quite well but haven't been on the T reg ones since they have been painted. Perhaps these ones will stick around.

    The blue/white decker is ex Thamesdown and is one of three Speedwell own. Was it parked up in Ashton Mic?

  17. Felix yes it was

    what a day I had I went for the 350 to uppermill from Hey farm at 14.01 still stood there 20 mins later so decided to walk then the bus passed me and then the driver did not take the normal route and cut out Greenfield I think that is bang out of order there may have been people who wanted to go there

  18. Typical First hey.

    Having said that all the high schools in Oldham and Tameside were finishing early today for the summer holidays so that might have messed the timetables up a bit

  19. yes but to cut of some of the route is not on as I saw the other 350s going the right way from now on I will use the 354 bus to uppermill unless I walk which I do every weekend if not rainy

    but on the subject of it I think they changed the bus at Ashton it had been 60336 but then 40362

    they have finished early for holidays then so I bet the first bus double decks will be stored for these holidays as they where last year

    best bus at first Ashton of all time would have to be 30228 K888 TKS the NC bodied 2 one

  20. Ummm i wouldn't be so sure Mic.
    They will have them on the S48 all the time.

    Mic, do you remember the tri axle Olympians at Dukinfield in the late 90's?
    Im sure they were the first tri axle buses to be used in Manchester ever and were often on the 350 at weekends.

  21. O yes I remember those they had trouble turning round at the Hospital and at Greenfield stn

    but one comes to mind PMT buses 897 to 99 with coach seats or when pennine blue the Bristol REs the last one TUO 263 J got a PMT fleet number loved those buses there was a red one aswell OCK 370 K or even futher back that national on the 354 CFM 340 S I think they had DAF engines that great manchester bus 202 had

  22. Have i missed the post where someone tells me where the bus in the picture has come from? Not a manchester B10.

  23. Not a Stagecoach Manchester, no. But a well travelled bus...Previously operating from Stagecoach East on route 'X7' from Northampton to Leicester... hence the coach-ish style seats.

    This example, M201LHP along with identical M202LHP, know work school runs in Cheshire with Howards Travel.

  24. Thanks Will. I never even noticed the coach seats. lol

  25. Just restoring the topic lol, I'm guessing they're coach seats because they're high with headrests

  26. On the other hand, the idea of triaxles roaming around here sounds pretty funny... I'm expecting them withdrawn Bendy buses here soon lol

  27. William the tri axles were very funny at the time lol.

    I think this one had a bump while it was still with Stagecoach and rather than source spare headlights they just robbed some off a withdrawn bus.

    Theres quite a few of them knocking about in Warrington. Springfield coaches and Warrington coachways also have ex Stagecoach examples.

  28. bendy buses round Tameside now that would be funny I do not think they would get round the back streets

    I do remember a Yorkshire rider Fleetline on the 409 which happened to be ANA 25T with fleetnumber 7223

    some of the 20869 to 20893 had coach seats I seem to remember

  29. well saw V256 BNV on the S48 with a solo on and the VU dart the buses are now carrying S48 timetables in the buses so the more people know about the service the better