Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Middle of nowhere.

This is henry square. A very busy part of the town and looks great following on going regeneration. I'm not sure what the old building used to be but i liked it. The new building are all very busy. The courts the walk in centre and a few other buildings containing offices. What i can't undertand is why we have not sent a bus service around here? I get lots of people asking where the walk in centre and the court buildings are but never know there was a road going around here that leads on to cavendish street. I think a service around here would be helpful and easier than using katherine street as that sometimes gets clogged up with buses.


  1. M Branson13/7/10 19:58

    Bus companies/authorities always seem slow to respond to new developments like St. Petersfield (where the NHS walk-in centre is in Ashton) springing up.

  2. The old building was Ashton Baths and is a listed building.

  3. Anonymous20/7/10 09:29

    Until around 1994, the 219 used to pass The Witchwood. If I remember rightly, the 236 and the 237 used to go via Old Street rather than Katherine Street.

    Greater Manchester Transport's 1984 map of the Tameside area details this.

  4. In 1978 it was the 127,128, 216, 218 and 219 that went through Henry Square and along Old Street and the 153, 236, 337 and 400 that went along Katherine Street.

    In 1986, it was the 187, 216.218. 219, 347, 348 and 349 via Old Street and 153, 236, 237, 400 and A1 via Katherine Street.

    Both of the above from GMT/GMPTE maps. The 236/7 have never used Old Street.

    There's a bit about the old Baths here on my site: http://www.ashton-under-lyne.com/history/baths.htm