Thursday, 29 July 2010

Back here again

390s again for my sins. Then a trip on the 218 this afternoon. It will be the first one since the change. I believe there is now far too much time on the 217 and 218 and you have to really drag your heels so to speak. This is because of the extra bus on there which gives you just under 3 hours to do the journey instead of 2 1/2 like before. This pic is the bin men in whitfield taking there time holding up my bus.


  1. Where can you wait for that much time though? especially in Shudehill with Megabus coaches lurking about lol

    I've come across a bit of a confusing scenario...I had seen this bus travelling through Mossley:

    Trying to work out why it got there lol a number of ideas have been mentioned but it was a rare treat lol

  2. was walking past AZ depot yestaday and saw 22246 there looks like another transfer 20938 was parked up behind 16189

    also saw a full S48 bus yestaday aswell

  3. Mic, i noticed Speedwell have been using a Vario on the evening S50's, but theres no 'S' on the number blind so its driving round as a '50' lol.
    Also noticed the former 353/4 drivers now working on the S48/50 which is good.

  4. felix

    also looks like NKH is of the road again as N608 JLY and S719 KNV along with NKG where on S50 today

    there was a short solo on last night the 54 plate one

    also I think which CCTV buses are going to stagecoach Ashton some are all ready there but the full list looks like 22055/56/90/91/92/93/94/22159/65/67/22242/43/44/46 the 06s man do not have CCTV

    yes came back from Ashton on NKH and it was a lady that use to be on the 354 its not the same without speedwell in saddleworth now

  5. should have said came back on NKG

  6. Umm they seem to be having problems with NKH, its been off the road a couple of times.

    I popped into Ashton twice during the week to try and see the coachmasters on the 346 and they were using a Vario on both nights, but yes last night it was a Solo.
    Well Stott's seem to be doing a good job, William took a couple of photo's which look good and i saw there Solo's in Ashton today.

    Its good news that Ashton's finally getting some newer MAN's, i was on one of the newer ones today, very smart with the modern seats etc.

  7. 22056 has got a rear end advert for megabus

    I know 22117 is due for Princess Rd and 22138 has all ready gone there wonder what else will go from Ashton looks like 16189 is out of use till September now had a walk on the canal there Yestaday

    saw some one in Uppermill get on the Dovestones hopper bus and I am sure the driver driving it use to drive the 352 with that bus that looked like an ice cream van in the late 1980s

  8. That might be Checkmates owner, Mr Cox, he regulary drives the 220/C20 so perhaps you have seen him before Mic.

  9. the driver was called Naz an Asian and thats the driver I think I saw

  10. You could run the service with an icecream van with patronage it has lol.

  11. Actually i recken an ice cream van would make more money up there than the bus service lol.
    Its crazy to think Oldham Council and GMPTE have thrown so much money into this service, im sure it could have been better spent elsewhere.

    Your talking a good few years Mic. Last i heard the main drivers at Checkmate were the owner and his son, with one part time driver who did Saddleworth schools.
    To be honest i dont think ive ever seen an Asian driver working for Checkmate.

  12. the new Tesco store opens in Greenfield in 1/11 will be useful for me as I am fed up of driving though Ashton to Sainsburys it is a nightmare at the moment

  13. Blimey, a Tesco' Greenfield lol.

    I think its got alot to do with this new bypass in Ashton. The road under the bridge next to the railway station is closed and its always a nightmere in the afternoons.

    Its bad enough in Droylsden with all the roadworks and now we've got them in Ashton as well.

  14. Oh Crap dont get me started on Droylsden. A big yellow circle has been marked out on Manchester road covering the entire road so it looks the whole road will be closed at some point. Week away from it so i dont care haa haa haa

  15. Looks like i'll be using the train when it does get dug up.
    The thing that angers me is they had all the road up last summer, did what they needed to do, then filled it all in, and now there digging the same bits back up again. Why carn't they just do it all in one go