Sunday, 25 July 2010

Long ride

Day off today thanks to the laws of driving a bus making me be off so i thought i would jump on my bike and go for a little ride. Ended up in liverpool city took 4 hours at a steady pace with a few stops to take pics and to have lunch. Nice ride along the trans pennine trail. I'm just on the trans pennine express train to stalybridge. Nice mr conductor man let me on with my staff pass which is good. Most will be there is the odd one who won't let us on for free. On a split tomorrow so up early for the first part then after next week i'm doing something a little different but will tell you about that later in the week.


  1. PS Am loving the X2 branding on the back of that Scania.

  2. The Stagecoach Scania Enviro 400 with the big X2 branding will be VLT255 the first of the batch of Enviro 400 Scanias that Frenchwood Avenue got, not to sure whether you noticed but apart from the back it doesnt carry any branding whatsoever, it normally appears regularly on Sundays in Manchester on X61