Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Metrolink Underpass

This is the new entrance to the underpass that runs underneath Great Ancoats
Street in Manchester. The tram runs through here and comes out on the other
side and runs parallel to Pollard Street. Its all very much taking shape now
up the new road. Lots of tram tracks on the road now causing more and more
chaos everyday but im told it will be worth it in the end. On a 9 - 5 today
7s and a couple of trips on the 330 so no tram tracks for me lol. Off
tomorrow too so might head out on my bike somewhere as the weather is
looking pretty ok. However I get the impression summer has been and left us.


  1. It's coming along nicely know, although I'm expected complete closure when they plan to put the pylons up...should be fun lol

    Has Stockport had any mention for the metrolink at all, or included in any plans? That's one place I'd thought would get a mention

  2. Summer been and left us, very much doubt it, hosepipe ban starts on Friday and there's no apreciable rain forecast in the distance future just showers unfournatly