Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Turning point!

This is the terminus at Old Glossop. There has been talk recently of the
Royal Oak terminus being a little unsuitable as the roads are getting busier
and it is a bit of a task getting the bus around the turn in one go
especially if there are cars parked along side the wall.

This is one option that I heard whispered. The 236/7 could terminate here
like the many moons ago when the 214 (I think)came up here.

Its certainly big enough although the road leading upto here is a bit busy
with parked cars as I saw yesterday doing the 390s. I managed to do all 8
trips without self harming and made it in today too. Nothing special today,
2 on a 216 which was very quiet, and then a trip to Gee Cross International
on a 389. Pretty odd though, I don't do a 389 for months now I have them for
3 days in a row all at different times of the day. Never mind.

Noticed the other day too when the 217/8 goes to Shudehill on Monday it is
also reverting back to the old route down Old Mill Street and over Great
Ancoats street. Shame that, we were just starting to see post office staff
using it to Clayton and the likes.


  1. M Branson21/7/10 17:17

    The 217 seems to take a different route every time I get in into the city centre. Sometimes it goes round by the sorting office, sometimes it pokes its head out by the side of Central Retail Park, other times it goes down Every Street, crosses Great Ancoats Street and under a railway bridge!

  2. Im learning it tomoz, the right way, cos i won't be in service before the end of the month,or deffinatley after the 25th when it goes back to its old route!

  3. I dont know why it went all them different ways. I know when Ancoats was dug up last year it was a free for all. It was a case of, If you know a quicker route into or out of the city then use it. I used to go dale street, Shudehill, rochdale road and across livsey street. miles off route but it was always on time lol. I wouldnt like to route learn it if i didnt know the area. i know a lot of the Charles street drivers struggled with it for months after they moved.

  4. I will do the same as i did 5 years ago, get to know the area, see loads of nice looking eatieries,and beer quaffing establishments, and try them all with by sweety on rest days , it could take years !