Tuesday, 21 July 2009

We Know Where You Are!!

Passing through Droylsden today i notce this little thing on the side of the lampost. Its the new ANPR cameras which are being installed all across the city to see what everyone is doing in there cars. Apparently it's to stop criminals and catch bad people. OK then... if you say so..


  1. Anonymous21/7/09 21:33

    G'day from New Zealand once again - Na this is to catch the boys from Littlemoss Boys wagging school ... !!! Being an ex Littlemoss Lad myself ;-)

  2. lol Possibly,Big changes this year with the merge with Droylsden Girls school. Should be fun for them.

  3. Anonymous22/7/09 06:32

    It was bad enough when we had to go to "Manor Road" school as was for cooking lessons with the girls ..... god only knows what the boys and girls will get up to when the schools merge later this year. I suppose it will be in September when the schools go back after summer hol's.

  4. From what i hear. Some years will be at manor road some at littlemoss from september. There is a new school being built on manor road for the following year on the playing fields.