Monday, 13 July 2009

Same old

This is a very familiar site at the moment. This dart has over heated. The drivers are not allowed to put the water in anymore so we have to wait for a fitter or in this case an inspector to fill it up once its cooled down. This bus didn't run and the passengers waiting for the 20 minutes service that is a 7 waited another 20 minutes.


  1. Makes perfect sense to have a fitter do it because there may be an underlying cause for the loss of coolant such as a cracked hose and so on.
    makes good operational sense.

  2. Dont know how i feel about this yet, i am very sympathetic to the passengers however i have had a few nasty shocks with boiling radiators, First were never too bothered about who filled the coolant. Fitters can be anywhere on route and could take ages to attend, good operational sense would be to wash out the rad's once in a while and maintain or destroy the darts.