Thursday, 10 May 2012

Change of scenery

Not had much time to blog recently with lots going on at work. Today i'm in Stockport on the A6. Not sure if the schools are closed with the strikes but today has been very easy. Just hope the afternoon is the same. I heard there are 40 more hybrids being delivered for the 192 service but not sure when they are arriving. Apart from that not much else going on. New radio system is up and running although i have yet to see the benefits as not all buses are fitted with the new ones yet.


  1. Good to hear that there are more hybrids to come. But what would leave the fleet when these new hybrids arrive and enter service?

    My thoughts that all remaining Olympians and tridents would be withdrawn and switch the 06/56 reg E400's to magic colours. could be wrong.

    Heard whispers from a conversation of 2 first bus drivers on the 348, heard that Bury depot may close down and a majority of Bury's buses may move to Bolton. Did not hear the rest what was said.

    1. also heard that Rock Ferry depot might been taken over by stagecoach but not sure yet

      Pioneer bus 31929 still in service and 40337 back now but an accident victum is 40339 now withdrawn

      62218 still here today