Saturday, 12 May 2012


This one must have escaped the wash last night. This is the 396 out of Ashton bus staton not looking in the cleanest of conditions have not been to Ashton all week which is a nice change and it looks like I Wont be here much for the next few weeks with holidays and other things going on.


  1. Probably understandable as Bluebird at the minute are to lose 2 bus routes being their 43 journeys and the rarely used 84 route. Probably saving money to reduce financial impact on the company I guess.

    Has 22105 gone back to Hyde Road in Reserve as I have not seen it for quite a while now since Stotts gained the 343 ?

    1. not sure 22120 was still in service this week

      Saturday 343 now follows the same route as the weekday service

      First Pioneer 40339 is withdrawn after accident