Thursday, 24 May 2012

Blazing hot

Had a very sweaty day in Piccadilly today. Buses were all running well in the 216 service and everyone seemed in a good mood today which is always nice. Had one guy playing his accordion had the police on site and noticed even more branding on the first buses with Greater Manchester now on the sides of some of the fleet. I can't help but think now though that everyday the fleet seems to differ slightly and that they might be losing a bit of identity along the line. Just my opinion. Back in town tomorrow. No Ashton for a couple more weeks and I'm enjoying the change to be honest. Let's just hope the weather stays as nice as it is at the moment.


  1. Andrew Bott24/5/12 22:33

    Noticed you and another Inspector enjoying yourselves laughing and joking in this nice weather at Owens Park last night as I was passing on 19:55 42 Stockport-Piccadilly, btw like the old style Stagecoach Epaulettes you were wearing on your shirt

  2. Thanks Andrew they were a gift I think we should have new ones made but the old style still look the part

  3. looks good with the big fleetnames on 37463 Huddersfields 2 37288 /89 I have heard are been done