Friday, 23 September 2011

Taking the trash out.

This fire damaged Trident has been in the back of Hyde Road for a good few
years now. I took this as PVS were taking it away yesterday.
I'm off today so catching up on a few things.
Also managed to scan more old Little Gem leaflets so might upload some of
them this weekend if I get chance.
Looking like a good day today so tempted to get the bike out later.
Last night was so busy at Owens park. Freshers week is totally manic. It was
more like a Manchester derby the way they tried boarding the buses at 1030.
Not too enjoyable at all.


  1. I read that the magic bus as left Ashton depot which bus now does the school service over the narrow bridge at broadbottom .I undestood that was the reason for Ashton depot having that particular bus.

  2. Yeah it's probably gone as it was only used for that school. Not sure where too though. I think it's M travel that are running the 842 school now.

  3. hear 16510 is to re enter service at Shaston

  4. Funny you say that it was on Wilmslow road last night. Thought i hadn't seen it for a while.

  5. thanks good to know any more step entarce magic buses in lastest livery yet

  6. Pretty sure that Manchester did have some of those newer ALX400's in service a few year ago, but now in service elsewhere.

    Seems like 31946 is at Ashton also seems that 31939/52 back in service

  7. not sure what is allocatoed or on loan at Ashton 34095 is there as well as 30804/6 31933 is back

    any news here would be a great help 40369 has turned up at Bolton and 40381 at Chester

  8. when I get my weekly news tommorrow will give a list on here of first Ashton