Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Going cold

Today has changed a little to the plan. I was supposed to be in a training session but that was cancelled. Instead i'm doing a survey on the 219 service at grey mare lane. It basically tells us if the buses are on time and how many are travelling. Its not the nicest part of the job especilly since it's a cold wet day but it has to be done now and again.


  1. It would be useless surveying on the 216 service as you often find 3 to 4 buses one behind each other regarding the metrolink works.

    34095 (Ex Sheffield Volvo) seen around.
    Also seen 31936/41 on the School runs around Mossley Hollins School and Longdendale school.
    And also 31946/48/52 on the General services.

  2. So were they on time? And how many were travelling?


  3. Oldham depot do these school services now only 3 double decks at Dukinfield 31927/29/43

  4. All present and very busy as always!