Saturday, 24 September 2011

Something unusual

Just noticed this 216 come into ashton. The destination blinds appear to be all in capital letters. It does stick out more and i think it looks better although i have not seen any other bus with the same style. Working in the bus station today. I'm expecting a tough day as Manchester city are playing everton at home.


  1. First west Yorkshire buses on the 184 have the same style like that

  2. i also saw i think 19091 with the same format on 330`s yesterday unusual but good though

  3. Saw a Checkmate Optare Solo bus filling up at the Total petrol station near Copley school.
    Shouldnt Checkmate have their own pump at their depot??

    Ive also noticed that when any bus (with orange LED display) has a trip on the 237 to Ashton, that also uses that format.
    The 237 to Glossop is the usual format with places sliding from right to left. Not sure about 236.

  4. checkmate at the minute i think only have 3 solos only one is used all day 418`s and the others do the 220/c20 runs into mcr and back to mossley and the 3rd does early am 345`s so dont do alot of mileage maybe 25miles for the peak hours and 35 for the all day useage

  5. Small firms like checkmate tend to use fuel cards at a local garage instead of having there own facilities.