Friday, 9 September 2011

Blast From The Past

A colleague of mine has been kind enough to lend me some old literature from the Ashton area from the late 80s and 90s so i thought i would scan a few things and post them on here.
Sadly i don't get chance to post much with the current job i do, so it's nice to be able to share stuff like this instead. Although i have no doubts a few readers will already have these lol.
Today is the leaflet which was advertising the 153 Express route which went from Mossley to Manchester via Stalybridge. Hope you enjoy. One thing i did notice though was the bus on the poster is 3258! If memory serves right this was actualy a Bolton bus often seen on the 401 service.


  1. Glad someone had preserved some of these rare old timetables, takes many people back to those days when they did run that service.

    Imagine the 153 still running these days along with the 232/3/4/5(withdrawn back in 2008) and 343 upto mossley - it will be very densley crowded with services on huddersfield road also especially with the frequent 348 service (which was every 30 mins back from 2008).

  2. darryl jones10/9/11 14:17

    Didnt tameside/glossop have 3255,3277,5310 and 5311 for the 153 and now and again use the 520x`s?

  3. Have Hyde Rd buses got back on the 231 service or as Ashton recived some newer 400s?

  4. Same here allan - ive seen 19480 on 231 but also seen 19020 Ashton bus on it too.

    It could even be a usual loan again to Ashton.

  5. Hyde road do a couple of peak time trips but the 7 buses on there through the daytime are all from Ashton

  6. Anonymous11/9/11 16:00

    It's a shame that the 153 doesn't still run today - would provide a welcome alternative than the train from Mossley to Manchester...

  7. 3255 started at Oldham then moved to Glossop 5310/11 first at Stockport then as above

    I remember 3225 been puting in express livery and saw it first time on the 354

  8. In the good old days, the 153 was a frequent haunt for the SHMD Atkinson double decker and anything could turn up from Ashton and Manchester Corporations. Caught one of Ashton's last batch of Guy Arabs with Bond bodywork on the 153 a couple of times.