Sunday, 11 September 2011

Another one

This leaflet is obviousley the information for the Little Gem service when it started up in Ashton.
These buses arrived in Greater Manchester in the late 80s and promoted a frequent service connecting estates with town centres and went where the bigger buses had never been before.
I remember the O service around Oldham but this one is the A2 and A3 services which ran around the Tameside area. Don't remember seeing any MCW minibuses like the one on the picture. I think they had Ivecos at Tameside depot.


  1. Tameside had 15 Dodge chasis with Northern Counties bodywork. Ashton Mini Lyne was the name strap used and replaced the 337 Crowhill to Hazelhurst route.

  2. Anonymous11/9/11 21:15

    These are great - keep them coming!

  3. Tony ex Tameside driver14/9/11 15:13

    Rochdale Depot operated Iveco mini buses