Friday, 22 May 2009

Tesco New Store?

Now i think this is very funny!. I was searching on the store locater at for the nearest store to see what time it is open till. I put in Oldham and this store came up. It was after 5 minutes of head scratching i realised this is not a Tesco but the Sainsburys store in Oldham on union street. lol. try it for yourself. glad i made a record of it.


  1. If you search for Oldham, then click on the small default picture it gives you, it does show you Sainsburys. However I think this map just happens to concider this be the centre of Oldham. Funny though.

  2. You people are so cynical. go to Click on store locater. Type in Oldham then click on Extra stores. then birds eye view. Alacazam Sainsburys in Oldham appears.